Magna Meta.


Personal freedom is possible only when you have a self-sustainable household. Unfortunately, in current tightly integrated society it’s unfeasible.

To achieve this, one have to have facilities for

  • house construction and repair
  • energy generation and storage
  • water
  • food growth, preparation, and storage
  • transportation
  • connectivity/internet
  • governance
  • security

This would be unavailable without heavy automation, far beyond current levels.

Such levels of automation requires two major advances:

  • extensive tooling and sensoring
  • software to operate it

First one is “almost here”, but limited by software that would power it.

Since tasks are too different, there’s little hope that humans will be able to create and maintain the production level software, necessary to run it.

Thus, we need to create heavy AI capable of deep search of solution tree and capacity to generalize the sequences of simple actions.

The first target we’re attacking, is the software development itself: the task of translation of vague real-world requirements into an executable sequences of keystrokes.

The problem solving engine, that would be created as an output of this project, would be reused later in the environments that are more tightly connected to the observable reality.

Written on November 27, 2017